“Habits of successful people”: key ideas

Why are some successful and others not? What do Henry Ford, Donald Trump and other successful people have in common? What do you need to stand in line with them? King Bernard, the author of the book “Habits of successful people”, is ready to give you answers to these questions.


Aim for the result

Luck? Fortune? Luck? Yes, this is the place to be. But most often success is achieved by someone who knows what he wants and goes to this. You will never succeed if you do not know exactly what it is for you.

People who have achieved success, once clearly formulated its purpose and methods of achieving it. In order to join the number of successful people, you need to determine the endpoint and choose a route to it.

Ask yourself: what is a success? what do I want? what can I do? what do people need? how to achieve this? Find answers to these questions and start your journey to your goals.


Do what brings joy

Find your passion. To succeed, you must love what you do. Only then you will enthusiastically get up in the morning and immediately get to work. Only then will you work hours on end and enjoy it. Only then will you be happy and successful.

Confucius said, ” Do what you like and you won’t work a day in your life.” Find a business that you like and people need, and you get a significant chance of success.


Work harder than anyone else

If you want to succeed, get ready to work hard. Creative thinking, effective communication and decision-making skills are more important for success, but they are all worthless if you refuse to work hard.

But do not forget to relax, otherwise, you can quickly “burn out” from hard work.


Use your time rationally

This is one of the fundamental skills of a successful person. Those who do not appreciate their time, always feel its lack and do not have time to do what is necessary.


Do not stop there

Personal growth should never stop. The more developed you are, the more chances you have to succeed. Constantly learn new things, acquire new skills, be interested in what you are far from, but that can be useful for you. Don’t stop there. Do not limit yourself to existing knowledge. Do not leave your skills at the same level, continuously develop them.

Teach yourself to constantly absorb new knowledge, and you will never get lost in the flow of information. Awaken a thirst for learning, and you will be able to succeed. Because success comes only to those who deserve it. Constantly expand your boundaries. Let your education and thirst for knowledge become your business card.



Look for new ways to solve everyday problems, experiment! Do what others can’t decide. The tendency to healthy risk – an integral feature of a successful person.


Take responsibility

What distinguishes master from the slave, leader from an ordinary employee and a successful person from someone who didn’t achieve much? Responsibility. A successful person is not afraid to take responsibility. It is easier when someone else is at risk and responsibility for the mistakes, but in this case, the other one will come to success, but not the one who is afraid to do it.


Make mistakes and use them as a springboard

Nobody likes to make mistakes. But hardly anyone could live a life without a single mistake. Analyze your past experience for future success. Learn from your mistakes and those of others.


Lead a healthy lifestyle

If you often get sick, feel unwell, lethargy and are in poor physical shape, it is unlikely that you are ready to go on the road to success.

I hope that all these habits will soon become yours, and already you will give recommendations on how to become successful.

Good luck!