How to make a perfect plan for the day?

The frenzied pace of time can confuse almost anyone. Unwavering be only the guru of time management using each day 100%. They have their own rules and tactics, life hacks and sources of motivation. Fortunately, now productivity has become a trendy topic, and knowledge about it is available to everyone.

The basis of productive life is planning. Busy people make a schedule for a week or even a month in advance. However, the most effective plan for the day remains. Well-designed, it will help to succeed in all the planned cases about how to organize the perfect plan of the day – in this article.


To-do list

The first thing you need to make a list of thoughts flickering in your head. We grab a notebook and write down there an insane amount of upcoming cases. Everything, to the last detail.
Many make the mistake of taking the usual to-do list as a finished plan. It is important to understand – guided by the usual list of cases, a person risks losing a lot of time. The reason is the lack of order.

First, you get a chaotic list. Now it is necessary to prioritise. To do this, use the principle 80/20. This means that in the list of 10 cases there are 2, the implementation of which will be more significant than the implementation of the remaining eight and combined. Ask yourself a security question: “If I had to leave the city for a month, what kind of work should I put in order in the first place?”. Cases of special urgency will be revealed immediately.

If you decide on the main things does not work, comes to the aid of “time management matrix”. The essence is very simple. Take the sheet and divide it into four parts. Accordingly, we obtain 4 quadrants. Next, take the to-do list and define each in the desired quadrant.

  • Quadrant A. Important and urgent matters
    What you’ll get here, requires immediate attention.
  • Quadrant B. Important but not urgent
    Things that are good for the long term.
  • Quadrant C. Urgent, but not important
    They should be addressed in the last place.
  • Quadrant D. Not urgent and not important things
    At all not understandable, that they did on the list. It is necessary to get rid of them without wasting time in vain.

The main thing is to be alert. A minute of procrastination and items from the lower squares may suddenly be in the top two. An additional check of the to-do list can save the whole day.

The evening is the best time to organize the coming day. However, the development of tactics can be a great pastime for a Cup of morning coffee. On one condition – it will be the first thing in the morning.


No, it’s not just school schedules. For the sake of creating the right pace of life, the schedule is made by everyone who wants to get the most out of their time.

First of all, you need to decide on the place where the schedule will be conducted. There are dozens of applications for planning, you can choose the most attractive in terms of interface. Fit and the usual calendar in your smartphone. Google Calendar and Wunderlist are popular planning tools.

Paper organizers will also do a great job. The only drawback-you will not be able to receive notifications about upcoming events.

So, open the empty schedule for the day. Hourly paint all that is in the professionally-structured to-do list. The main things in the first place. Formulate them concisely to be easily perceived.

It is necessary to take into account non-obvious details. For example, the duration of a transport trip. Objectively evaluate the time spent on tasks.

Emptying the to-do list and making a plan of the day, you will find a huge number of gaps-free time in which nothing happens. Likely – this forgotten daily Affairs. Walking with a dog, reading articles on 4brain, showering, lunch and watching the series – all this takes time and should be included in the schedule.

A little bit of work, a few sudden pop-ups in my head Affairs, for which it is necessary to move the schedule and voila! The perfect plan for the day is made.


How to do all this now?

The basis for productive work is prepared. It remains only to stay on the rails and clearly follow a certain order of action. The task difficult, but only not for those who correctly distributes mental loading.

When you start doing the main thing-put all the gadgets in silent mode and hide everything that could potentially distract you. The fact is that you have to focus on your work after the distraction anew. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to focus properly. Therefore, every time you lose focus, you lose a third of an hour.

Lack of attention is the main enemy of productivity. But a person is not able to constantly think about work. Provide breaks! Whether it’s a short walk or exercise – it is important that the body moves. Movement during an intense working day serves as a qualitative reboot for the mind.
Pay attention to the amount of sugar consumed. It has a significant effect on brain function. Minimize the amount by replacing it with nuts and bananas.

It is also important to drink water. Dehydration can be overlooked, but it is extremely detrimental to cognitive function. Decanter with water on the desktop will be a great helper for you.
Make sure the little things around you inspire you and move forward with determination on the plan for the day.

Good luck!

Share in the comments your rules of making a plan for the day.